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Vantage Financial Solutions was started as an opportunity for us to leverage our expertise and understanding in assisting our clients to create and manage successful benefits plans. We know that a good benefits plan is important and we are your aid and advocate in navigating an increasingly more complex insurance market. 

We are familiar with the issues common to 
benefits and are proud to bring creative
solutions to the table derived from our
experience. We work closely with a large group of health insurance carriers and administrators in order to provide you with a broad range of benefits and a depth of choices.


Derived from extensive experience, our familiarity with issues common to benefits allows us to bring creative solutions to the table to fit your specific needs.

Our client-focused service and proven approach adds distinct value to your benefits offering. Our strategy is to fully integrate each aspect of your benefits plan so that we can successfully monitor and control healthcare and health benefits cost. Vantage Financial Solutions' strategy focuses on effective cost management, helping you to manage expenses and save money. We are your partner every step of the way.

Vantage Financial Solutions, St. George, Uth
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