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Group Health Insurance

Employers are saving up to 25% on their health plan costs by making one simple change– are you?
Our client-focused service and proven approach adds distinct value to your benefits offering. Our strategy is to fully integrate each aspect of your benefits plan so that we can successfully monitor and control healthcare and health benefits cost. Our strategy focuses on effective cost management, helping you to manage expenses and save money. We are your partner every step of the way.

Cost Management Strategy

Customized Plan Design
The experts at Vantage Financial Solutions will assist you in developing a benefits plan that is
competitive and cost-effective. We will help you design benefits that meet your company
goals and objectives. When benefit changes or cost reduction is necessary, we ensure all options are presented and reviewed and include associated savings estimations with each alternative.
Plan Administration and Coordination
Strategic administrative services aligned with the right medical management can impact the overall cost of your benefits plan. We work hard to build plans with ultimate flexibility with partners committed to providing great customer service while saving you money. Bringing together the best of each of these components, allows us to truly amaze you with a well integrated benefits plan.
Provider Networks
A successful Medical Plan requires that members have access to convenient, quality and cost-effective healthcare providers. Our provider network strategy centers on pricing,flexibility and maximizing accessibility to in-network providers.
Fully Insured vs. Self-Funded
Vantage Financial Solutions is equipped to find you the best plan in both the fully insured and self-funded markets. Our experience and expertise allows us to assist you in looking at every option and making a decision on a model that you feel comfortable with and will provide you with the best value for your people.
Bundled vs. Unbundled
Vantage Financial Solutions will help you decide on plan options that best meets your needs. We have an extremely deep portfolio of carriers and vendors to support each model and plan type so we can customize based on your specifications. 
Vantage Financial Solutions, St. George, Uth
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